Observe Miraculous Reality

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There was a time -- within the short span of human history -- when the abilities and miracles of a Prophet and Messiah were held by a single person and made individually great. These were the lives of Lord Krishna; Prophet Moses; Master Lao Tse; Lord Buddha; Zoroaster; Lord Jesus; Prophet Mohammed and many others through history . . . each existing in an era of particular individual excellence, far beyond the commons of other mortals. Then, around five hundred years ago, came the time when this miraculous power and awareness was passed from one individual Guru to another -- a demonstration that this was not only a singular ability, but energetically universal. This was the succession of the Sikh Guru’s . . . universal consciousness passed from Guru to Guru through a lineage of ten, over three hundred years, and then embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Now the times are advancing again, this moment is altering the realm of mastery and prophecy once more.

You’re entering the age of countless -- literally millions -- of Messiahs all living at once. The responsibilities, opportunities and also potential dangers of this era are daunting and intimidating. Just as when prophecy was held by only one at a time -- or when it was passed from one to another, there's always great challenges. This is the ever-present polarity to greatness. Even when -- as now -- there are millions of you out there, this ability of your awareness to observe miraculous reality within the dismal fantasy of human suffering is extremely intimidating to you. Existing belief systems will attack you as heresy threatening their territory.

Our prayer is that you know who you truly are; that being ‘one of the Ones’ does not frighten, nor overwhelm you, but that your awareness eagerly engages compassion, and serves everyone equally whether they appreciate you, or not. 

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