Craft Your Words Through Compassion 

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There are deep-seated portions of the homo sapien psychology that romanticize ‘outlaws’ and lawlessness, and then unconsciously embraces the brutality of their criminal activities. Not bad people with bad values, but an addictive compulsion built into naivety. It's a “Bonnie & Clyde” affection; a “pirate” syndrome; one where people romantically identify with those fighting against all odds for survival, regardless of how immoral, or unethical the fight becomes. Today this is happening on the global stage. Interactions -- completely outside the law -- has "outlaws" occupying the highest positions of industry; finance; politics and many other facets of “civilization” . . . all for the rewards of unquestioned dominance.

Current mass reactions also hint of the Oslo syndrome: delusions of a people under siege, where the kidnapped fall in love with their captors in an attempt to win favors. There have always been scapegoats for brutal dominators in history, and today all of these syndromes, ploys and tendencies are at play in a perfect storm of control, brutality and dishonesty. It's up to each and every one of those who are still conscious, to word-craft arguments that don't argue, or attack, but intuitively understand these interactions and are not fooled, or controlled by them. Being under this influence is not an unconscious choice, it’s an unconscious enchantment without any choice, and therefore, condemning it will only make it more adamant . . . it will fight for its existence.

Our prayer is that you craft your words with compassionate support for conscious alternatives; that you recognize those who are fooled by these "outlaws" are innocent and need help not condemnation, and then develop this help with articulate communication to render the “outlaws” powerless. 

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