Align With Emotional Awareness

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The path to ‘now’ is arduous, with countless opportunities to fail and succeed. This is a path that’s never existed before -- not in this exact way. This is the path you were born for; sent here for; signed up for, and prepared for. Your physical vessel is the mechanism through which you experience the lessons and messaging of this path. These are your assignments and your karmas, all working their way through the moments. This physical vessel -- your body -- has a significant contribution to the experience of this path in life, and that contribution is the direct result from your lineage. Your ancestry -- your mother and father; your grandparents; great-grandparents, and on and on is what ancient yogis knew to be at least seven generations of genetic influence. And now, medical science is saying there’s up to fourteen generations of influential DNA in your system.

Because your emotional body is comprised of the peptides and hormones that arise from your DNA in the glands and organs in the physical body, there's nothing more exact in representing your ancestry than your emotional experience. This is why emotional awareness and discipline are so vital to success. The alternatives to this version of awareness are the inabilities and liabilities of ignorance . . . the inherent resistance to these naturally enlightening observations. One of the reasons to practice yoga is so this physical body can all line up, which means the peptides and hormones will then align you emotionally. Once you’re physically and emotionally aligning, the frequencies in your brain will receive thoughts that line up as well . . . a clear channel through to spirit, to inspiration -- in-spirit.

Our prayer is that you work and play to do your yoga and meditation each day; that this alignment becomes important and a source of your success, and then by loving the abundance of success, you share this with everyone you can . . . all right here -- right now. 

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