Become A Forgiving Paradox  

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Prosperity -- pro-spirit -- lives beyond the aggression of two-dimensional scorekeeping. Forgiveness -- giving forward -- recognizes the infinite present in the innocence of the past. The challenges embedded in scorekeeping -- with its eye for an eye -- are left in total blindness as a “righteous” indignation. Industrialization has indulged in this scorekeeping and holding grudges with its “patriotic” militarism practiced over centuries. It glorifies institutional violence as a sign of strength and the right to pillage Earth of its resources. Memorializing this commitment of this violence has been a tool of governance -- holding 'it' in the highest esteem, while showing disgust for any compassionate dissent.

This has profound influences on the brains and emotions of the children as they develop and grow. When a deeply troubled child, plagued by not fitting in, reaches a critical point in this psycho-emotional pattern, there’s a tendency to pursue the “glory” of these false and often violent values. He, or she, will struggle to achieve a sense of acceptance through this invented “glory” . . . the same brutal impulse of a "patriotic" show, yet without the false "moral" foundations. All killings -- whether as a soldier in war, or a student in school -- carry the same imbalanced extreme anxiety without understanding, empathy, or compassion. Unless in defense, there's no morality in the taking of life, it’s just the way the sapien brain has become incorrectly wired over centuries . . . the only species on Earth that's wired this way.

Our prayer is that you’re ready, willing and able for the change, challenge and growth of becoming a forgiving paradox amongst these polarities in life; to become a solution of forgiving water, infused with the prosperity of spirit . . . the magic of a human being, being humane. 

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