Compassion Rather Than Comparison 

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With a sensory perspective from the sympathetic portion of the central nervous system, life is personal, far too sensitive, and either a betrothal -- or betrayal of the soul-body to physical-body relationship. It's meaningful as life, yet also entirely operating within the limitations of a material construct. For every action, you must have an equal and opposite reaction -- the words of Sir Isaac Newton -- and the world that defines karma.

However, when observed from the parasympathetic portion of the central nervous system, having gotten here with meditation, these same events, in the exact same world, take on a more idealistic and higher dimensional perspective. This gives you the space to use your intuition -- the interpretive meanings are more neutral, less hurtful, less disappointing and disturbing. Not every moment is taken personally; there’s a reduction in the energy’s intensity, and the meaning of each moment uses compassion, rather than comparison, to chart the trajectories of time and the implications of space. The whole picture is reconstructed -- where it came from and where it’s going are reconsidered. The source code of the cause -- with all of its inclinations -- is correlated with the experience of the effect . . . a calculation of implications. Rather than hurt and disappointment -- understanding replaces the need for retribution and restitution. Calm clarity creates gratitude, and the waves of time build probabilities out of possibilities where the best of the present creates the most for the future. This is the world of dharma without karma.

Our prayer is that you locate your world of prosperity inside this world; that you connect to these inclinations of massive energy; that you use this energy to prosper, and then share this parasympathetic compassion with everyone. 

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