Born to Serve 

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When you dedicate time -- those precious pieces of life -- to correcting and winning in the smaller battles that always come up, you’ll never get in touch with the larger picture you were born to serve. It’s an avoidance, pure and simple, and there’s a saying that goes: “Don’t let the tiny flies in the room dominate the conversations.” The larger picture contains your overall destiny; your daily purpose, and the fulfillment of your dreams, and hints of it are always right there in every room, all the time. Tending to the smaller battles, the ones that are also always there, completely ignores this beauty in your purpose, and turns life into a very busy drudgery. When you disallow these tiny flies to control your rooms -- time serves your life. This is even more important in these current moments where there's an infestation of flies swarming everywhere. They're compelling to the attention and can capture it all, but it's up to your meditative mind to turn this attention back toward all the other space and time that exists beyond the interruptions, disturbances, and frustrations that “bug” you. This is the nature of nature, and in nature there are ample reasons for flies to exist . . . they have their purpose too.

Our prayer is that you allow the flies to exist because they always will; that you use meditation to turn your attention toward the vast spacetime in which they don’t; that you practice the fun game of 'catch and release' with these flies from time to time, and realize this is an incredible training for developing the skills to fulfill your dreams, your purpose and your destiny. 

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