Angel Winds Elevate

GMP MAY 2018 2.png

‘Angel winds’ -- the loft beneath your life when moments threaten to become heavier. Seemingly out of nowhere, there’s a lift that’s completely visceral . . . emotionally and physically. This arrives within complete surrender -- the grace to embrace faith. The faith where the cosmos appears as intelligent, intuitive and constantly ready . . . it always has your back. This wind at your back, places lift under your life, to ride the wave of time at its sweetest point. You’re completely without a footprint of unnecessary effort -- the movement of your life is already in motion. One of the gateways to this faith is forgiveness . . . the giving forward -- forward-giving -- of dead moments from the past into living moments of now. You’re able to capture the complete force of momentum . . . the complete force of nature which births each particle of now. Life becomes effortless -- you experience breath as being breathed for you -- connections as already connected. Enter the ‘infinite stranger’, the doer of all things -- a servant of your mastery, available inside your surrender. This is the irony; the dichotomy; the puzzle . . . “the way of the way” professed in the Tao. This “way of the way”  -- where effort is effortless; aging a concept without application, and words flow from your intentions with ease.

Our prayer is that you take advantage of this advantage no matter what your life is about; that you realize the Cosmos has your back and you’ve got this; that you’re willing to surrender to these forces far greater than your efforts, and experience the compassionate embrace buried inside everything around you . . . the 'angel winds'. 

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