All Emotions Have Purpose

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All emotions have a reason for existing, and it’s in the purpose of each emotion that you can find the right tools to match the parts of life for which they exist in the first place. Envy, for example, was one of the first strong emotions that you felt as a very young child, and it still contains power for you. You learned to walk and talk because you were envious of those who could and frustrated when you would fail and garble your sound. It was this envy that caused you to continue to make greater efforts, even after the many failures that occurred in the process of learning. The hope that you also felt then coordinated with this envy and frustration. Hope came from the observations you had of those who were successfully walking and talking . . . if they can do it -- you thought -- there’s hope that you can too . . . and you eventually did. Now is the time to get back in touch with all of your emotional body’s power; to activate the combinations that occur and the skills that lay dormant inside each human emotional form. This is the new, more conscious, pathway of life in this brutal era of time; this is the way that your life can make a difference amid the chaos . . . making a difference, not just making a living.

Our prayer is that you're able to connect with all of your emotions; that you’re willing to study every one of them for what they have to offer; discovering what each was created to achieve in their original forms; that you then master their elegant and powerful energies, to learn from each failure on your path to every success. 

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