Rise and Shine


It's time to wake up. How many people have been so tired when it's time to get up and you are really fighting it? This is where we are spiritually. We're not exactly wanting to be asleep, but we are having one heck of time waking up. Sleep can be so seductive and comfortable. Being awake can be hell…until it gets to be delicious. There is this whole period of hell between ignorance and knowledge. We can no longer get away with shenanigans as we get internally clearer. Although, we sometimes get more and more devious in our attempt to. We really have to be creative and inventive to keep fooling ourselves. It's time for us to wake up because the world needs us. We must wake up into our awareness. There needs to be a layer of humanity that is resonating at a much higher frequency then the current environment of politics and commerce and all these other things that are taking place while we sleep. You can hit the snooze button once or twice, but please – please rise up!