Rights of Passage For Our Aquarian Children #1


Our children are now the children of the Aquarian Age, they are bright, intelligent, creative, knowing and many times see things that we have yet to understand.  We can learn so much from them.  Each of our children chose us as parents for a reason and a purpose.  They wanted to live life with a very conscious parent, such as you.  As a Yogi or Yogini it is both your joy and duty to help your child grow in this very modern world. As adults we were raised in the Picean Age and for most of us being raised in the Picean age was more about survival, trying to handle the expectations and the energy of the Picean Age.  We grew up in a culture that knows little or nothing about raising children consciously.  We grew from infant, to child, to teens and then into adults.  We were expected to suddenly act and be an adult, when no one really ever showed us how.  It’s by no fault of our parents because one can not teach what one does not know themselves.

If you look at other cultures or tribes, we can find very distinct rights of passages, often times accompanied by a celebration, tests of knowledge or strengths, supported by your elders.  These rights of passages served a purpose to help an individual pass from one stage of life and into the next; a distinct time when a person can grow, feeling supported and up lifted by their loved ones, especially the adults in their lives.

What I have come to understand, is that Kundalini Yoga is like a Right of Passage.  In my own practice I have seen and felt these sacred practices heal and complete the missing pieces of my childhood.  Kundalini Yoga helps to deliver you into your Spiritual Adulthood, you become a very wise adult women or man.  One of the many reasons to keep up, doing your Sadhana and daily meditation.

Our oldest daughter is almost 13 she is beginning a new stage of her life.  it’s inspired me to observe, how I want to deliver her into this new stage.  How could we create our own right of passage for her, creating a space where she feels supported to grow?

Firstly my intuition told me she is of age to be invited to Sadhana, with my husband and I.  She had been super emotional with the new on surge of hormones.  I told her it will help her to feel better and not be overcome by her emotions.  I told her she needed to take a cold shower every morning to cleanse her body and giver her energy.   I was pleased to see her listen and obey what I told her.  I have to admit it’s been quite funny to see you jump into the cold water, bounce up and down while yelling out loud.

I’ve noticed she wakes up one person, very whiny and upset, and when she steps out of the cold shower she’s quite another.  And of course I take my cold shower as well, I will not preach what I don’t practice.  We should remember this as parents.

In the past weeks I’ve realized something.  We don’t need to force our children to do Kundalini Yoga, but there has to come a time when we strongly encourage it.  We are wise people and we know the world we are facing.  If we are to truly help our children, we need to deliver this technology to them.  We know from experience how it works and why it works.  For each child that time will be different, I knew that time was now for our daughter, she was struggling emotionally and what better way to address the issues.

It  helps me to think of Yogi Bhajan.  Here is a man who had all odds against him, but he saw a need and committed his life to that needs fulfillment.  His purpose was far bigger than himself and he sacrificed so much for all of us.  I never had the pleasure of meeting him in his physical body, but I still have a very strong relationship with him.  I look to him for the inspiration to stay committed and to make sacrifices for my children, just as he did for us.

You see, these children are growing swiftly and surely.  I believe any time is great to have them join you, but when you invite them at the beginning of their adolescents, you can let it be known, they are joining you because they are growing up.  You can treat them with a newfound respect and patience.  Sure adding a child or two to your Sadhana makes for a very different Sadhana, but sooner or later they will get the hang of it and it will flow better.

Just this morning our daughter asked us every 2 minutes, “What should I be thinking about?”, or she asked, “Are we done yet?”  Doing Sadhana with your child can really test you as a Yogi, but that’s exactly what we need, to have more tolerance and be willing to sacrifice a bit more for the bigger picture.

There are many other things we can do, to create a right of passage for our children, I will talk more about this subject in following articles.  But let’s start simple, invite and encourage your growing adolescent to join you.  Guide them, encourage them, and best of all be the example.  Be prepared for anything, kids have so much to say, so much to test, that’s the natural part of growing.  Let this be one powerful step in raising your wonderful Aquarian Children.

Sat Nam, Siri Shakti Kaur Ardebili