Right This Way


The right side of your brain thinks in a parallel processor, which is a quantum process and can only comprehend the present moment. The present moment to the right brain, is a continuum. The past, present and future do not exist. They are a single moment. The left side of the brain slices that single moment up into what it says is past, present and future, but it doesn't have the capacity to initialize the present moment. In order for the present moment to be comprehended by your brain, you must refer to the right hemisphere. The vast majority of humanity does not regularly access the right hemisphere of their brains. So the present moment is defined by past and future. The primary emotions of past and future are fear and doubt.  When you move into the right hemisphere of your brain, you cannot distinguish between your body and the body of someone else. You cannot distinguish between the earth and sky. It all becomes one event. That wouldn't allow you to function in this world of course. But let it also be known that you cannot fully function in this world if you are absolutely committed to the left half of the brain either. Fear and doubt are a poor compass and the destination is separation and loneliness. This is why we practice yoga; so that we may balance ourselves and feel fully connected, while keeping our sense of self intact.