Reveal the Brighter Angles


Two dimensional thinking is: right-wrong; good-bad; yes-no, and the likes. To truly understand life, you must produce a holographic view inside two dimensional moments; get at the obscure angles; create a sort of kaleidoscopic puzzle, and break the dark fixations; the misunderstandings; the rigidity. Then, when the whole picture begins to shift, give yourself the authority to disrupt "reality" even further . . . “reality” is disrupted by everything anyway . . . that’s why it’s called maya . . . the grand illusion. Force your altered awareness to view the subtle inclinations revealed by this further disruption. Every situation within every moment, when the common assumptions are challenged and disrupted, acts like a touch stone, it stretches the limits of your perception to reveal the deeper, truer nature. Now it’s up to you to process these revelations compassionately . . . they will express a whole lot of truth, and truth often arrives bitter and cold. Close your eyes to see more deeply, there’s even ways to close off all your senses for complete clarity at these deeper levels in the disruption. Spend more time at these deeper levels -- this is being a sage with the ability to speak in melodic phrases and capture the positive imagination within profound truths. This awareness of what’s actually true, will either drive you out of this awareness to avoid the agony it produces -- or drive you deeper into compassion and understanding to quell the agony . . . make certain you’re the compassionate version . . . the one who understands the revelations and forgives their exposure. Here, you’ll again discover your enthusiasm for conscious growth; your purpose to witness the essential relations of life . . . cell to cell, and soul to soul. Our prayer is that you consciously relate to your revelations with compassion; that you take the time to perceive the subtle truths that occur; that you disrupt any fixation on two dimensional darkness, and allow nature to naturally reveal the brighter angles.