Reuniting With Our Nature and Transcending It


Contributed by Jennifer Hooton It is in our nature to be impulsive and to strive into extremes, and this is not to be faulted in and of itself – but it should be conscientiously balanced with our other natures which often get left behind. One of the ways we can do this is to practice different philosophies and techniques like yoga to restore a foundation of being and selflessness, as well as pursue passions and dreams which have defined us but which we have left behind on the road. We can transcend our addictive behaviors by getting in touch with our strengths as well as weaknesses. Many of us will do this through opening up and engaging in discussion with others who share the same challenges, leading to a greater quality of life as we come to terms with our struggles and know we are not alone. For those who have suffered from substance abuse, finding a second lease of life is possible through these vital interactions with others who are fighting the same battle. This peace can also be found through the therapeutic techniques of creative endeavors. The American Art Therapy Association offers several opportunities for groups and individuals not only struggling with their addictions, but with post-traumatic stress disorder, social trauma and other ailments.