Return to Real Life


The Multiverse -- as realized by the ancient masters and mystics -- is an endless combination of Megaverses and Universes made up of the perceivable material reality -- and the non-perceivable, non-material laws, forces, and principles of cosmic nature. The material reality is known as Prakriti . . . it’s everything that has ever changed, can be changed, and is subject to the laws of evolution . . . cause and effect . . . karma. The Universal principles, laws and forces that are unchanging, uncaused, unending, and are present everywhere, in everything and always are known as Purusha. Purusha is the unreasonable reason why Prakriti evolves and grows over all time, and why there are causes that cause the effects that affect all the time. Purusha not only affects, but it also connects everything and everyone. These exact same ideas had parallel origins in the basic teachings of nearly every prehistoric culture throughout the story of the world . . . they were the basis of peaceful inclusivity, compassion and equality that formed early societies and balanced vast times of peace and prosperity. The concepts surrounding ownership only began to arise out of the scarcities resulting from the ice-ages that devastated the food supply. Systems of survival were formed around the core of these cosmic realizations that distorted them by creating exclusive rules of individual differentiation. The principles, laws and forces were reinvented into rules, rights, and rituals . . . the inclusivity and equality were reinvented into exclusivity, authority, and hierarchies . . . all of this done to survive as individuals. The base reality of all life being equal to all life disappeared into the fog of ownership, conflict, and ignorance until the chaotic world -- as it appears today -- unfolded as if it had always been the way . . . the historic equality was completely erased by the fear. Our prayer is for the return to the world of compassion; for cooperation to be the example of the path that leads to all success and survival; that you access those deep original ideas from that ancient time and remember how life can truly prosper. Our prayer is for all life to return to real life.