Return to Nature


“There is a calling to Return to Nature. A return to the Earth and the center of our being.” The mission of Return to Nature is to provide a safe and healing teaching bridge for individuals and communities to recognize Nature is a continual and abundant provider of nourishment, medicine, and spiritual connection if we just remember how to perceive.

Perceiving, unlike analysis, requires a gradual shedding and releasing of the concept that we are separate from Nature, and remembering that each choice made directly effects the whole. The more we reclaim and redirect this thought energy the more we experience our inherent oneness, which is true freedom.

By sharing this unique way of seeing and teaching about the edible and medicinal aspects of wild plants, medicinal herbs, and mushrooms, Return to Nature aims to help move humanity towards a Nature appreciation based paradigm which inspires people to forage, wildcraft, create tools for survival, treat their own ailments with what nature provides, and get a little dirt under their fingernails.

Engaging with Nature, learning plants and mushrooms, drinking wild water, and sleeping under the stars are ancient and sacred ways to directly carve our intuitive practice and reawaken a self-reliant depth within that seems so lost in today’s society.

Once we recognize and reclaim our oneness with Nature and look around with these eyes we realize an ever present bounty Mother Nature provides that is local, organic, healthy, and wild! Just the way Nature intended. We have never left Eden…

Dan is a Forager, Herbalist, and Musician dedicated to working with Nature to further the healing of the planet and the soul…