Restore the Meaning


Don't think for a moment that there is this cartoon happening when you die and then you go down Melrose Avenue and you get to these gates and there is a sign saying: ''This way to hell'' and another saying: ''This way to heaven'' and there is somebody there with kind of a scorecard, looking at you walking down Melrose. These are incredible constructs -- there are young children who go to Spiderman movies and actually think it's real.There comes a point in your life where you know, this it's real and that's just a cartoon. Get that way right here and right now with all these ridiculous religious constructs, which have mostly become just ritualistic. Every bit of it had powerful meaning at one time.

If you want to do that, that's fine . . . then restore meaning. You find yourself with all these feelings and then you go: why am I feeling these feelings or I should be feeling these feelings and then you get really righteous about it. Because when you tell somebody what you're going to do, their response will be, what are you crazy? You might have to do 31 minutes of Sat Krya and somebody who spends most of their Sunday on the NFL circuit will think that 31 minutes of Sat Krya is absolutely crazy. Learn to change the movie until you get the movie you want . . . that's a science . . . give yourself the authority to do it . . . that's an art . . . the art of being just a little bit crazy.