Rested Minds


The body is a vessel – an extremely sacred one. However, it is not you. It is a complex instrument of functions and sensations with a great capacity to connect through worship – but it is not you. Today, we live in a society that confuses the body with image. The modern economy preys on this confusion, profiting from relegating the body to an empty physical mechanism. It beckons us to purchase in order to ease our pain and insecurity.

However, this obsession with image does not do us any good. Quite the opposite, it fixates on competition and creates pain.

The body has been relegated the body to a position of burden, a pack animal that carries the brain and the stomach. When it is limited to this role, it seems quite empty. This is what humanity has been developing over the years with power marketing, and it has been called progress.

But this needs to change. The body is a sacred gift, endowed to carry consciousness. It is time to nourish a more conscious and fulfilling journey – one that allows the actual experience of life, learning lessons from our journey.

There is a pre-verbal mindset connecting beyond image, and there is a post-verbal mindset correlating with image. Both are important, and need to be supported by a tuned instrument.

Kundalini yoga and meditation enable the body to free the mind from its obsession with image and turn some of its attention toward gathering knowledge and wisdom. This gathering, oddly enough, even expands the value of the image. The yoga and meditation then enable the body—mind connection to focus on this combined value.

This becomes the base for your real experience. The mind finds its rest in its pre-verbal silence, allowing a meditative mind. This is the new evolution of human consciousness.