Resistance Is Only Resistance When You Resist It

There is always a cosmic chatter surrounding each of us; a collective etheric conversation that promotes and denotes our vision . . . all the reasons and every detail directly corresponding to our intentions. When this appears as resistance to progress, what question do you ask? (1) Why is this blocking me . . . or . . . (2) Where is this leading me?

Remember: resistance is only resistance when you resist it. When you embrace it, it transforms into guidance. The second question is an embracing one.

Intention is a handle onto which life is able to grasp. Guided by this cosmic chatter, life takes hold of your intention. This might feel contrary to your intended direction, counter to your pre-determination, or even chaotic. Remember, these are the winds of change - a force to be used - and as such, it is up to you to use it - not consumed or disrupted or disgusted or disgruntled by it. The result will lie in your interpretation.

If this was the only piece of advice bringing chaos to conclusion, or intention to realization, would you not want to join it? [. . . .] It is up to you to trust this question [. . . .] It is up to you to allow your character to trust the chaotic process known as transformation . . . even though you are not certain of the new formation.

The Cosmos knows who you are; the Cosmos knows where you are and where you want to be. This is the nature of nature - this is the law of nature - this is a cosmic principle. You are not outside these laws. You are not being forgotten by this nature. You are not an exception to this rule.

Pose a conscious question into this chatter and breathe. Do not breathe like you are taking it, or owning it, but as if you are receiving it as a gift. Receive each gift of breath at the very tip of your nose and sit in the middle of the resulting sensation. Become the experience of your breathing, not the breather, or the producer of the breath. When you are able to master this meditation, you are the essence of your existence. Your psyche will now gain access the 'collective human conscious mind' to become psychic and intuitive.

This 'collective human conscious mind' is like an ocean, there to serve you with all the knowledge you require. Your conscious breathing is the pass-code to this infinite database. Learn to use this intuitive access and then guide the chaotic forces surrounding you. Suddenly, nothing that has always been around you - everything at your disposal - resistance or assistance - all the chaotic events - none of it seems foreign, or random, or even threatening. Because of the shift in your perspective, they now appear to be helpful and endearing . . . fear is not needed to control them, or doubt required to subdue them.

Everything that once felt threatening now appears as an asset. The only thing that has changed is your perspective. All this time you were being given assistance . . . you were interpreting it as resistance. It was never amongst the facts that you were lost; it was amongst your interpretations of these facts.

Welcome [now] to the "new" reality that has always been here. Welcome to the loving nature of nature that has always loved you. Welcome to your life that is here to fulfill your dreams and all you intentions. Welcome to the gifts you are being given. Welcome to you within you . . . the new evolution of human consciousness.