“The best laid plans…,” “The road to hell is paved with..,” and “Money is the root of…” – all these one-liners state the same fact; any strong intention will consistently receive strong resistance. This is the physical dynamics of life – of our world – of this universe. “For every action, there is an equal reaction.” This resistance can see offensive and rude. It can seem personal and punishing. Do not turn it into this kind of monster, or take offense to the offensiveness that refuses to accept your intention, your will. This is the barometer on the dashboard of your life – merely the universe acting in accordance with the laws of nature. Your job is to master the navigation of these laws.

All of the acceptance and understanding that you require to navigate this resistance is contained within the origination of your intention itself. This is the engine; it allows you to start dreaming it – to dare express it, to attempt to manifest it in the first place. You must acknowledge that surrounding every intention is a collection of great reasons for every ounce of this natural resistance. It delivers the exercise to strengthen the intention to survive. It delivers the exercise to strengthen the intention to survive. It delivers the dynamic shaping for it to move forward. It is like the shell to the baby bird, the strength to survive comes with the action of breaking out.  The definition of the bird itself is contained within its persistence and resistance. No one dares to help the baby bird escape, for if they did, guaranteed it would perish.

It is like saying “when you are walking through hell, don’t stop walking!” Just understand that resistance is the natural action prescribed against you to manifest your strength. The last thing that you want to do, the last thing you can afford to do, is interpret this resistance as a personal attack of ill intention. It is not. It is a perfect attack and it defines the magnitude and greatness of your intention. Remember: “you can judge your strength by the strength of your enemy.”