Reprogram The Brain


Our brain was about 3.5 or 4 million years old when we started developing the frontal lobe. That is what we are using. We are using a four million year old brain and it has old programs in it. Has anyone ever used an old computer that belonged to someone else and every time you signed in, you had to sign in as them and use their password because you couldn't figure out how to change it? So here you are with this three and a half million year old brain and every time you wake up in the morning, you fear but you don't know that it's just the fear of the saber tooth tiger that you have been hearing breathing all night outside your cave. To you, the tiger has now taken on the image of your mortgage banker and so you worry about paying your mortgage with the same zeal that you used to worry about making it to the woodpile and back without that tiger taking your life. That is what we go through daily. Your fears are not your fears. You make up reasons for them to exist but they don't exist for those reasons. You have fears, you have worries and you meet challenges with fear because that is what your brain is programmed to do. Reprogram the brain. You know if you got somebody else's computer and it's programmed a certain way, you just can't sit there and play computer solitaire and expect anything below the surface level to change. So you can't walk through your day reacting to the same old stuff that you were reacting to ten years ago. You haven't changed because change is impossible, you just masked the fact that you're still afraid and you haven't done the work to drill down and reprogram.