Remember When The World Was Flat?


Ignorance created a flat world out of one that was perfectly round. Countless courageous adventurers embarked on tremendous explorations with thousands of navigational errors to turn that flat world into the round one that we enjoy and travel today. What part of your world is still flat? What part of your world is still trapped in old patterns of ignorance?

Human beings have a few fundamental needs known as Commons. These are the resources that are essential to life – earth, water and air; but also one more. Humans require freedom in order to develop hope; to set and establish their visions and perform the daily tasks in alignment with their dreams. Commons, including freedom, are essential to human life and are therefore sacred as birthright.

Expanding human paradigms beyond the limitations of old fears requires the same enthusiastic explorations that turned the flat world round. How do you achieve this freedom and adventure in your world on a daily basis? How do you take charge of and enable your dreams? Where do you step off the edge of the horizon, beyond the limits of old established fears, and sail forth into the lands of your inspirations?

See to it that you exercise this impulse daily. See to it that you draw new maps of your world, often, and that you are the captain of your own ship. See to it that you cherish the Commons and exercise the Freedom you were born to have. Most of all, see to it that your world is round.