Remain in Faith--You're on the Right Path


Empaths are arriving on Earth through their incarnations. You are one of these beautiful creatures who has come to relieve the pressures being applied by the overwhelming numbers of sociopaths that are here to be healed. But because of the severity of the sociopathic mindset, they’ve positioned themselves into global power and influence, rather than subjecting their lives to the healing they actually desire. Sociopaths are the incarnations who carved out survival paths for humans to grow through the dangers of history. That was their function and it was essential, but the value of this function is now over . . . there are no more dangers of this nature. When convinced there’s danger long after the real dangers have passed, they create false dangers and obsess over them. The sociopaths are all about survival of the fittest . . . empaths discover how everyone fits together no matter what the unique and individual natures are.

This empathy is so sensitive that life on Earth is often physically, emotionally, and mentally -- even existentially -- painful. This pain is relieved through service (seva in Sanskrit). As empaths, you’re from a future that completely works. This is unbelievable to the instinctual fears in minds of the sociopaths . . . unable, and also unwilling to convert fear into anything more reasonable, or sustainable. As time progresses, the nature of this sociopathic attitude becomes more toxic and far more dangerous. Empaths are demonstrating -- through the experience of this pain -- the pathways of alignment with the cosmos and Earthly spacetime. This is how evolution operates, crisis stimulating solutions out of necessity. The key is to be out of your mind when the collective mind is aligned with a world out of time. Here, those sparks of wisdom ignite ideas that are unusual; that refuse to be smothered by the blankets of normalcy, or dormancy.

Our prayer is that you remain in faith -- you’re on the right path; have a daily practice that allows you to turn pain into a guidance system, not a hinderance, and recommit to the service of humanity each day. The day will soon arrive where this all makes perfect sense.

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