Remain Enchanted


A spider does not weave a web, a spider exposes a portion of the web that exists everywhere, always . . . its silk threads reflecting the invisibility to your senses. These webs are universal -- they have no weaver -- they've always been there -- suspended in every space. These webs are what manages and connects nature throughout the multiverse. Spider-silk is amazing, it's a tensile strength five times greater than steel cable . . . greater than any "man-made" substance. The sheer nature of nature has always enchanted science; four hundred years ago science said it would conquer nature . . . not a good idea . . . since nature holds everything together. It was this very conquering attitude that seems to have demolished both Atlantis and Lemuria . . . and two other far older lost root civilizations here on Earth. You see, this planet has lived through many incarnations, just like you have. This current incarnation is 13.8 billion years old, that's just the age of the present "skin." Hundreds of miles below the surface of the Earth -- there exists the remnants of previous life "skins." Remember -- Earth shifts, spins and orbits within a universe, which is spinning within a megaverse, that's 4 quadrillion, 843 trillion, 640 billion, 316 million years old. There are countless megaverses within a multiverse so old and vast that you can't ever measure. The farthest object, visible with the naked eye, the Andromeda galaxy, is a trillion stars, a mere 2.6 million light-years away. This vastness is what the great master Nanak described as -- Wahe Guru -- because then you realize . . . perception is a mixture of this vast "reality," plus the "fantasy" of your imagination. Actual perception fluctuates according to the levels and character of the imagination you include in your mix. Ultimately . . . it's all real. Working with the huge numbers opens greater possibilities; connecting these possibilities are the webs within the vastness. Our prayer is that you discover your web that has no limits; connect all that you imagine, and join your loved ones in this strength and inspiration; ride this web with all your commitments . . . and remain enchanted.