Relationships Require an Assembly Process


The pathway of enlightenment is the fundamental purpose of all existence. Is this your destiny in this life?Are you more enchanted by the chemistry of a moment, or your ministry to the cosmos?

Contrary to the films of Hollywood and Bollywood; there is rarely a relationship that is off the shelf, out of the box, and ready to be used without a great deal of assembly. This assembly process can take many years to accomplish . . . that is, if one really applies sufficient concentration and works without the common setbacks of despair. Are you ready for this work? When one side goes to frailty — are you ready to go to your strength . . . when one side goes to confusion or bewilderment — are you ready to not go to protection and condemnation?

When any partnership is fragile, faith must compassionately prevail as the mender of hearts. This is not an arena for anyone who dislikes consequences, for the consequences in a relationship are often instantaneous and momentous. After all, relationships are mirrors of the spirit. But do be determined to always live in a relation-ship . . . not a relation-canoe. Make sure that everyone can stand up.