Relationships Are Great Teachers


Relationships are great teachers. They teach that life is not about changing or controlling the outside world — life is about molding and mastering the perceptions from the inside. Never demand, always compassionately command any union. Commanding is the 'co' (togetherness) of the 'mand' (minds). Thoughts formed from these tethered together minds display the possibilities of life and break the illusions that bind us short of our dreams. Learn to limit the thoughts that do not serve or further life's possibilities . . . or that produce ill will. Learn to have the authority that achieves mental and emotional clarity. Remember: you are the one who thinks and feels your thoughts and feelings. Make the choices that allow you to relate, not the ones that refuse or confuse or self-protect by remaining closed.

Relational success is never found with competition or comparison. As long as there is comparing going on, there is no relating. Be compassionate and compatible for others to aspire; be compassionate and compatible and you are one whom others will admire; be compassionate and compatible and you will recognize the other person as yourself. Then remember: every event in life — even being by your-self — is a relationship. Strive to be the best participant possible.