Relationship Without Territory


Territorial ownership, and hierarchies of unshared power, are a carnivorous inclination that infected the pre-human psyche during the devastating ice ages -- a time when all of the plant-based food-stocks were destroyed. Prior to this time, the pre-human lived in harmony with its natural inclinations of plant based living, just as the other primates do to this day. In this harmonic setting, the hominids learned to share space and earned the right to step forward into any other space regardless of the times or the moods. This is a harmonic nature that’s missing from the territorial world that has been defined by the now brutal carnivores known as humans . . . with all their regional borders, national allegiances, and resulting conflicts, wars and brutality.

When humans live in harmony, they’re subject to what the ancients called the Narayan -- the ocean of life -- in which all life is nourished and shares equally. The balancing of your three brains relates to this phenomenon. The gut (enteric) brain, along with the heart (cardiac) brain always share authorities simultaneously without the slightest sense of hierarchy. What's wrong; what's dangerous, and what defensive reactions are required -- these are the primary purposes of the brain in the head (cephalic). This has kept pre-human and human life advancing with its combative and competitive “lanes” for three and a half million years -- since you first stood up. But now you've reached a place where you must rediscover something very old . . . what's right; what's connecting you; what bonds you to a dangerous foe, and how to sustain this planet . . . you are the only creature destroying it. The gut-brain -- for millions of years -- relied on its botanical sense to know what was nutritional, medicinal, and or pathological. This was its very nature to be in charge of all the connections and relations, but it’s been lost in midst of the chaos and brutality.

Our prayer is that you return to this sense of relationship without territory; that you embrace those around you without the slightest hierarchical inclinations, and that this world can once again return to its natural state of complete sustainability.

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