Receiving Love & Joy


You are no longer here to survive, you’re on Earth to co-create a better world. Survival is about the struggle to get -- to maintain -- to save for another struggle, and in this mode there’s a resistance to share. It’s the two dimensional head-brain that governs today’s world, and with this survival mode comes the judgmental emotions of blame, shame, unworthiness and guilt. When humanity resists its inherent creativity, the psyche slips into these judgmental separations and emotions, and the relationships under this burden become non-forgiving . . . the global plague. Adjusting to a higher dimension is the call to express intuitive creativity, and this is governed by the heart-brain -- the brain that’s in charge of all relationships, even the ones between the oxygen you breathe and the cells in which you live. This is the brain of cycles and circulation . . . of effort and surrender. The heart, when healthy, will make great effort to give away all its blood, and then relax to receive it all back . . . this is the nature of circulation . . . of sharing. Everything in life has motion, and motion is circulation . . . the cycle of effort and surrender. When you’re building anything with this higher frequency, one beyond the level of survival, there must be a commitment to this heart cycle of effort and surrender. It’s also important to use the ‘moment’ between the effort and the surrender as an access point to even higher creativity. Then, once the intention, inspiration, and motivation are in full motion, you can surrender to the wave of time and ride it with ease to receive the outcome. Otherwise the accomplishment won't be received, but the struggle survives by stimulating one more hurdle after another . . . remember, everything wants to survive, even your struggle. Fulfillment lives in the heart-brain . . . constantly giving then surrendering. This heart is the first organ the body produces as an embryo, and the last to retire at the time of death. Our prayer is that you realize it’s time to give up your methods of survival; learn from the heart, and your relationships will bless your times of great effort with a total relaxation to receive the love and the joy.