Realize the Feminine Power in Everything


This year is moving towards the Winter solstice on northern Earth . . . this is the womb of the year. W-O-M-B (in Sanskrit) means ‘future-now’. You're moving towards the birthing moment of your future now. You want to use this time -- a time in which the sun is at its lowest angle, the moon, because of this, is much more influential -- to realize the feminine power in everything. These are your more grateful attitudes, your most receptive positions, your more intuitive abilities. This is why there’s so many sacred days, for all traditions, centered around this time of year -- masters have known of the feminine magic this season contains for millennia. This is where the actual physical energy of the year is rebirthing itself, and this is a time that you sincerely want to take advantage of . . . get into your meditations; get into stretching your body glove, and make your resolutions come into life. Resolution, is re-solution -- it’s solving a moment again -- that’s what a new lease on life, a rebirthing is. You are to solve your way through your life again . . . the solution of the re-solution of any old life dilemmas. 2016 is numerically and numerologically 2+0+1+6 = 9. Nine is the answer of the prayer . . . six is the prayer; seven is the work to achieve the prayer; eight is the reunion with infinity, and nine is the gift of infinity answering . . . the nest of the future has the answer. Our prayer is that you make this time a wholesome and holy period of deep resolution, prayer and meditation; believe in the things that bring great joy; use the magic of this feminine time to manifest your life, and give birth to its many blessings.