Realize the Vastness of Your Being


It's true, everything you exist within, everything that makes up your physical bodies, and all matter around and within you, comes from the sun. Every planet and moon in your solar system is dust and debris from the sun . . . scattered billions of years ago. You are in fact stardust. Your bones have an even more special quality, they're made up of the oldest particles beyond this solar system; they’ve come from the suns, that have come from older suns, that have come from the most ancient suns ever. There's truth in the adage, “I can feel it in my bones.” You live in a massive universe some 13.8 billion years old, which is tiny part of an even greater megaverse that is 2 quadrillion, 843 trillion, 640 billion, 316 million years old. This is in turn, a tiny part of a seemingly endless multiverse that holds countless megaverses, which contain universes . . . endless multiples upon multiples. Each one of these massive, ancient components gave birth to the next -- gave birth to the next . . . your sun is from a collapsing star, from the collapsing of older stars . . . debris travelling through vast quantities of time, over endless amounts of space. Your bones hold your physical form -- they connect everything in your body. They contain a center called marrow which produces two million red blood cells per beat of your heart; each one of these red blood cells carries whatever attitude is currently filling your being – the very moment that the red cell is made this attitude is registered. Imagine, your most precious messages – the fundamental attitudes of your entire life in this very moment -- are being carried by a cell made up of particles that have come from the suns, that made up the suns, that made up this sun -- not millions, or billions of years old, but quadrillions. Our prayer is that you realize the vastness of your being; allow this vast self-realization to register in your bones; give thanks for this ancient honor and share it with every living and non-living thing . . . after all, it’s all alive.