Reality of Humanity


“Normal” tends to muddle along in the unconscious fog directly behind the land of law and order and obsessive control. The insanity of genius has a territory that comes with very non-normal consequences. Your task, in the midst of your genius, is to joyfully work within these uncomplimentary consequences. Compassionately discredit your aversion to such consequences and openly accept their ingenious discoveries. Retrain your responses to serve this elaborate vision.

Since the reality of humanity is a combination of our animal nature and the cosmic nature, bring more of the cosmos into your natural state. Present these elevated options and then represent this same elevation with your thoughts, words and actions.

Don’t become upset with the dilemmas this magnifies. Allow the access to such magnification to also magnify the discovery of incredibly un-normal solutions. This will make it possible for multiple billions to live as one on this planet.