Think of the fact that the main purpose in life is to actually experience the experience you are having. To live your life and comprehend all the sensations taking place. This is a long way off from what we are doing in this world at this moment in time. But we are entering an era of re-evolution where all the restricted views and simple explanations that have served us in the past will no longer be sufficient to move us forward. We cannot go about life in a safe-zone, viewing the world and experiencing it in the same old filters.

Life is inviting us to take this moment in time – to take a risk that has never been taken; to begin the elimination of familiar filters and learn something new; to build a new set of expectations.

This is in fact opening up to the new stage of evolution. What a wonderful moment to build on life’s endless experiences, and to renew our purpose and live on it. The world is waiting and the universe is changing, so become what you want to become.