Rasayana - The Path of Our Essence


Ayurveda — the oldest health science on Earth — has eight branches . . . Rasayana is one of them. Ayurveda ('ayur' is 'science' and 'veda' is 'life') deals with measuring, transforming and revitalizing all of the inner energies that sustain a healthy life. Rasayana works with the most vital of these energies. 'Rasa' is essence and 'ayana' is the path . . . rasayana — path of our essence. Self checking and correcting at this vital level was a daily practice for the ancient yogis of 'Humanitaria' (the geographical area now containing Persia, India, and Burma). This practice maintained their perfect health into very old age . . . as a matter of fact there was only slight aging even when living past 100 years.

Checking on ones vitality has been completely lost in today's obsessive pursuit of objects, resources and concepts. The game — in the "modern" world — has become dedicated to feeding the body and the intellect and accomplishing their many goals of external measure. In fact we are not living within an experience of life; we are living within an empty bubble, an intellectual concept of life. We are not connecting to our essence at all anymore. We are not on a path of happiness; we are on a path of disruption, disease, disappointment and distrust. This madness is craving our vitality like a parasite . . . it pursues a highly developed and complex misconception of value. We have lost our inner—sense, the infinite nature of innocence. We have lost true value.

Now is the time to make the move and counter this obsession that measures value through accumulation. We are not the squirrels or the crows that must line our nests; we are the humans who have a responsibility to experience and share the essence of this experience with all others. We are the humans who — if we use our system properly — are capable of appreciating the pure joy that comes with this essence.

We are the stewards of life; let us actually begin to live as such. 'Hu' means light and 'man' means mind. Let us use this power of the mind and shed its light on every circumstance. Let us derive the most prosperous outcome from each moment. This is the role of a steward.

This is rasa—ayana . . . this is the path of pure essence . . . this is the true value of human existence. This is the angle that meets and triangulates 'nature's law' — "that for every action there is an equal reaction" — and turns this law into the fruition of compassion and cooperation, not competition and destruction.

This is your role; this is your opportunity as a person of consciousness . . . it is high time to live in it.