Question Everything


Science studies enigmas – one enigma is the dinosaurs. Given what’s known about their body size from all the remains -- with this ‘mass to muscle’ ratio -- there’s no way they could have held up their heads, or even walked. The gravity, on Earth today, would have been too much for them to exist. In addition to the questions about the Earth's gravity at the time of the dinosaurs, it’s widely acknowledged that their rapid demise was caused by a catastrophe. Somehow Earth’s gravity and environment had changed, and changed abruptly . . . many times over. All this evidence confirms: a ‘linear-logical’ history of our planet, consistently unfolding over billions of years, is completely absurd. All science must open the doors to possibilities that explain these phenomenal discrepancies in the historical data. Think about some of the ‘non-linear’ possibilities that might explain -- not only this vastly decreased gravity, and the rapid demise of huge populations -- but the countless unexplained archeological findings. Imagine: there was a vastly different placement of the planets in our solar system, with life on many; a more highly charged electro-magnetic field, caused by plasma, surrounding the Earth and other planets; there’s been many sudden shifts of the Earth’s magnetic poles; life on other planets and solar systems have seeded life on Earth; highly enlightened populations of humans, lived millions of years ago at the magnetic poles. None of these are beyond the realm of possibilities when considering all the evidence that cannot currently be explained. There’s an old saying: “The only difference between mythology and history is that mythology is true.” When you think about some of the ancient myths and begin to piece together the physical evidence, you realize that history has not been linear, and it’s definitely not been logical. Our prayer is that you question everything; create your own conclusions and test them against all that you’ve been led to believe; open your mind to the “unexplained” and allow the “explained” to be disproven . . . become a master of your own beliefs, and produce a mythology that supports your life within all life.