Q&A with Guru Singh


Do not allow anyone to occupy your dreams with the nightmares of their expertise, and, or doubt. Remember that beneath every expert perspective, beneath every expert opinion, there is just a personality with a perspective of a perception. Learn to relate to the person, no matter what the doubt is in their perspective. Learn not to drive away the doubters; it will be important to witness their realizations once your dreams succeed.

Dreams are always personal, but they are rarely logical. We humans are quite humorous when we obscure the light contained by the odd angles of these dreams.

When your dream is obscured, know that you are close to it. Learn to wait consciously for the answers with patience and grace. Patience is not the art of waiting, it is the science of knowing.

Dream of happiness: happiness does not come from thought. Happiness happens when whatever thoughts you have are assembled however clearly, transparently and simply--simply go radio silent and allow the joy that is--to be.

Even amongst complexities, there is always a point of simple clarity. Search for this point by knowing that it exists. This knowing becomes a guarantee—it uses a neurological absolute as an advantage point to fill you with patience.

What is to be already is.