Q&A with Guru Singh: Chaos


Q: In many spiritual practices, we offer up all kinds of pure offerings, both real and imagined, but when we find ourselves in a chaotic or unpredictable situation, how can we turn that chaos, or uncertainty, into an offering? Can we imagine the chaos also as being a pure offering, or do we just need to try and work through it, accept it, and remain joyful? A: Chaos is a moment of stillness that’s resisting its stillness and the greater the resistance, the greater the reach to find the lack of chaos, the greater the chaos produced. The only way to undo chaos is to undo the attempt to undo chaos and then the underlying ease, joy, knowning and liberation reveals itself from where it’s always been. So if we resist what is in order to find what we want, it takes us out of the center which is calm and puts us in the turbulence. Once we are out there, the out there cannot undo itself.

The key is to release the resistance, withdraw the insistence and surrender the persistence. And you will find yourself tumbling into the center of yourself. The greater the angst, the harder it is to do this.