Q&A with Guru Singh


It is time to make a choice. We love everyone with the same intensity, we just don’t honor that intensity. When you are honoring the intensity of two different people, you have to draw boundaries and make choices. Doing so is an act of higher consciousness. Love is not something we are in control of, love is sharing the experience of joy with another in the experience of joy. Oftentimes what we think of as love is passion. Similarities breed a sense of safety, which allows us to drop the majority of our defenses. When we do that, we begin to experience the true base nature of our living experience: ease, joy, knowing and liberation.

Having that experience with two people at the same time is all about discipline, choices and boundaries. That is the purpose of monogamy. It produces an unwavering commitment which forces you into your power instead of into ambiguity and delusion of duality.