Q&A with Guru Singh


In every circumstance, we experience a reflective surface of our own being. We cannot hang our feelings on anyone else for any reason. The feelings we experience do not have a correlation with the interpretation we have of the feelings. It might be helpful to think of the story of the three blind men touching an elephant for the first time. They each reach out and touch a different part, ears, trunk, tail, and to them that becomes the nature of the elephant. Until they explore the entire animal, they will not have a full picture. In the same way, we are only experiencing a partial experience and we are interpreting the experience we are having.

The first step is to accept that you are feeling what you are feeling. Becoming comfortable with what is without wanting to change it. We often feel that we must change what is around us, but instead, the real solution is to go deeply inside yourself and realize that your interpretation of your sensation is partial and it isn’t in fact the sensation itself.

Don’t look for ways to define and solve the dilemma, look for ways to experience the dilemma more deeply. When embracing the sensation fully,  you will find the negatives, the balancing positives and the confusing neutrals that exist in every situation.