Q&A with Guru Singh


When I first met Yogi Bhajan, a voice in my head resonated loudly, “This is the man you have been looking for your entire life.”I had no idea that I had been looking for someone my whole life.

I had been told by several great masters that I was to find the great one eventually. I had taken most of these commands in the course of conversation and thought they were talking about the great one inside of me. They were, but I was to meet the external great one that would reflect the great one within me.

Throughout my thirty-four year physical body experience with Yogi Bhajan, there were times when what was going on within me would cause me to stray. There are times when he would push me so hard that I would want to run. As a matter of fact, he got me to stay in Los Angeles after the first summer solstice when all I wanted to do was be in the country. He said: "Just give me six months; that’s all I ask." Six months later, to the day, I came to him with every intention of leaving. And he said: "Oh Guru Singh, just give me six more months."

At the end of the six months, I again went to him. He looked into my eyes and asked: "Am I your teacher?" I answered: "Yes". He then said: "Give me one year, but you can’t leave the city limits of Los Angeles". He was cutting down the space. I felt like he was putting me in a corner. For that one year, I could only be inside the city limits of Los Angeles. One morning, as I was doing an early delivery from the antique store, driving down the freeway, I suddenly saw a sign that said "Long Beach, Next Exit". I pulled off at the next exit. There were no cell phones back then so I called him on a pay phone and said: "Sir, I made a mistake. I’m in Long Beach". He said: "Why are you in Long Beach? I answered: "I’m delivering furniture". "That's good." he stated. "Get back to Los Angeles quickly".

The simple answer to the question is that doubt, just like anxiety and fear, is an ever present human companion. It is there to make the relationship richer by enabling us to overcome its negating side. Doubt is like distance, it’s a mental distance, it’s an emotional distance, and distance makes the heart grow fonder.