Q&A with Guru Singh


Fear and anxiety are human companions and as such, they like all other emotions and feelings, have a task. There’s never a time when they won’t appear, but as you become more and more profound in your handling of your emotions and your feelings as tools, the way in which they are experienced becomes less severe. They will ultimately be fear accompanied with the sweetness of knowledge and wisdom; anxiety accompanied with the same sweetness. All of these emotions whether it be anger, fear, jealousy or anxiety are tools that are brought into our experience to be used. The proficiency with which we use them creates not only the perspective of their use but the product of their outcome. Doing the yoga and the meditations and sitting with these emotions is what we use to gain the proficiency of using these emotions and feelings as tools. It is not what we’re trying to use to get rid of the emotions and the feelings. But like we said before, the experience of the experience becomes much more profound and much more productive when these emotions are captured within our embrace and used as “user-friendly” tools.