Q&A with Guru Singh: Dealing with Loss


Why live in memories? Why not live in the present moment? Those you are grieving are vital and existing so you can create a relationship with what is instead of a relationship with a memory. The relationship was not only body to body. That is what brings grief, the body to body memory. Create a relationship that is spirit to spirit. I am closer to my father and mother today than I could ever have possibly been in life. It is important to work on releasing the body to body hold.

Raise the body frequency with a very strong kriya. When you are in grief, you are in the body. When you are in a body centric state, you miss the body the most. Create a more spiritually centric sensation and reality. Know that you are capable of overcoming it, of transforming the relationship to one of spirit.

Suggested Kriya:

10 bodies http://www.mrsikhnet.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Kundalini-Yoga-Ten-Bodies.pdf