Q&A with Guru Singh: Is there an optimal state you can be in throughout the day?


The optimum is to get into such a deep theta state during Sadhana that the results last throughout the day.You don’t remain in that state but the key is to get to that deep state so profoundly in Sadhana that it lasts. Many factors will enhance the effects such as diet and being in a non-reactive mindset. Dedicate 1/10th of your day getting into that Theta state and then retain a balance throughout the day so you don’t disrupt its value.

Create those triggers. Some examples of triggers are mantras, smells, foods, photographs, mandalas, paintings, statues, anything that brings you back to that state. Keep those around you in your home, at your work...

It is important to have a space in your home that reminds you of and triggers that theta state. Putting together an altar, keeping the sound current going through your home, having yogi tea on the stove, these are some helpful and effective triggers.