Q&A with Guru Singh: Healing Traumas and Regrets


The healing process requires openness. You need to be completely open in order to project healing energy. When you are completely open, regrets, traumas and joys all occupy the same space. A regret occupies the space in which you recognize the innocence rather than the ignorance that caused the misunderstanding. In that moment, the regret becomes healed.

The only way healing can take place is to bring the moment associated to the emotion to its original state. The original state is joy. The original physical state is ease. The trauma to joy, the misunderstanding to knowing, the sense of repression to liberation. That is what we work on.

When these feelings come up during the day, if you don’t have time in the moment, jot down a note that best describes the sensation. If you have time in that moment, sit down with it right then and there and allow it to express itself; allow yourself to enter the space of ease, joy and liberation. Get right down to the core of matter.

The only healing energy is that pure prana life force.

Often times, you will find that when you pay attention to these regrets, traumas and memories, they want to go on and on with their story. Limit their wandering and discipline the story. The story can be told to you through you but don't let it go on wandering. Because the wandering is not the event, it’s the echoes of the event. You want to heal the source of the event, not the echoes. If you feel it wandering and wanting it to be heard, go to the discipline of meditating on your breath with that sensation in you and you will get right to the point.

That’s the difference between dwelling in it and healing it.