Q&A with Guru Singh


I am talking about the entire being. When you create a circumstance in which there is no physical, emotional, psychic or existential way out, that is the nature of commitment. Commitment has not object, it is one of those object free circumstances. If it has an object, you can always argue that the object has changed. For example, you could say: “I committed to you when you were this way, but you’ve changed. I’ve commited to this situation, but it’s no longer like this. “

That’s not commitment, it’s dedication. It’s still a powerful event, but commitment is when you have nailed every possible escape shut and you have given yourself the ability to access the phenomenal power within you that says: “this will succeed because failure is not an option."  That is the power of commitment.

Commitment is one of the most powerful events a human being can utilize. The only time an animal is placed in a commited situation is when it is cornered and has no escape. That is when animals become their most powerful.

A human being has to apply this to himself and give himself the inability to escape. To most people in the intellectual world, which is the world of today, having that commitment is considered a weakness, but in fact,  with that form of commitment, you realize your greatest strength.