Awareness: Being a Self Sensory Being

GOD, or the universe, or the cosmos; however you want to refer to it, has set up an effective interface between your brain programming that is millions of years old, your physical body that carries DNA that is seven-generation old, and your consciousness that has been around for eternity. Now the task for your consciousness is to find its way back through this maze of pre-historical influences to arrive at a state of liberation after neutralizing the influence of these ancient perceptions. For millions of years, built into the animal nature, has been the instinctual need for approval. This need has been a calibration; it allows the animal to experience its safety of acceptance. Without the acceptance of the flock, the tribe, the clan, or the pack, the individual creature is certain to parish and it knows this. As a human being there is a distinct need to get over this need for being approved of, otherwise it disrupts and dominates the life.

This need for approval, in human behavioral patterns, is driven by instincts arising from our second chakra. The second chakra is ruled by water and water is a solution. Therefore one of the main purposes of the second chakra is to find solutions. When your sense is that you are not approved of, your entire second chakra will become disrupted. This is a ‘millions of years old’ instinctual driving force that will dominate your life until you once again experience approval. During this disruption you have a hard time finding answers to your questions . . . a hard time finding solutions to your problems . . . you will also question your solutions to the point of rendering them worthless.

This goes on for as long as it takes to have one of three outcomes. For those on a path of consciousness the outcome is to create a form of self-approval, this is also known as self-realization. In Kundalini yoga we call this being ‘self-sensory’. The other two outcomes are far less conscious: one is simply walking around in a state of low self-esteem until you discard the sensation of rejection or discover some external acceptance. The other outcome is to be in a state of constant confusion, which has the advantage of being more socially acceptable than low self-esteem.

As one can see, this demonstrates the significance and importance of creating a daily practice that provides for self-reflection, a meditative orientation, and ultimately the goal of self-approval. Any form of physical discipline helps in this process and Kundalini yoga is one of the disciplines that can be used. Meditation is also extremely helpful and one of the most introspective forms of meditation is to meditate on the breath. Sit in a comfortable setting and simply become aware that you are breathing and nothing else. After doing this for three minutes reflect on how wonderful it is to be you. Do this every day and after a week or two you will begin to experience the sensation of self that is charming and endearing. This is your gift to you— give this gift every day.