Purifying Our Habits


You need to get over your need for being approved of otherwise your entire second chakra is in disruption. The second chakra is all about the water, it is ruled by water and water is a solution. So you will have a hard time finding answers to your questions and a hard time finding solutions to your problems or you will question your solution. You'll get ten solutions and then you'll go "alright, I have to narrow this down but I can't because I can't give any of them up." Then that will go on for a few years and then you'll discard that sort of infra-step and you'll just walk around in confusion and that's more socially acceptable.

How are you doing? Busy. But how are you doing? Busy. We are so busy. How's your business then? Well you know, the economy. I was asking how are you. Now I am sitting out there with mortgage bankers, sub-prime loans. It's not what my question was about.The third chakra is about dominion, when you're insecure, your life becomes about dominating. When you're secure, it's about nourishing. The third chakra is connected to the digestive system in the body. What do those who are most insecure need to eat? They need to eat something dead. You used to have to kill it but now somebody else does that for you.Let’s take Elmer the cow, living in a field. Before it's time for Elmer to die of natural causes, we will load Elmer into a truck, take him down a trough, and he can hear what is going on ahead of him and do you know what is going on in his mind: “you're really going to kill me”.

So Elmer gets absolutely terrified and in that terror, the adrenals secrete fear and the kidneys secrete fear and the pancreas secretes betrayal and hormones and peptides in the blood stream instantly go into the muscle so that the muscle can do something to get Elmer out of that trough but Elmer can't get out of the trough so the hormones and peptides stick into the muscles and that is where it is when it arrives on your plate because peptides and hormones don't get altered in cooking. So what are you eating with your prime? You're eating fear and it has a big effect upon you and you're eating betrayal and it will have to come out some way. So you will find something in your life programmed through your three and a half million year old brain that you can apply the fear that was Elmer's that's now yours and the betrayal that was Elmer's and is now yours.

The way God has set up the interface between the 3.5 million year old brain and your seven generation old body, and your consciousness that has been around for eternity is that your consciousness has to try to find its way back to liberation by erasing all of those external influences. That is why you must eat a sattvic diet, a diet that is pure, otherwise,you're painting on somebody else's painting and it's not going to come out like yours. If your brain is noisy a lot of that is Elmer's noise and a lot of it is your ancestors’ noise. But if you really want to come on the journey to now, which takes no step, which just becomes what it is, then clarify all of your habits.