Proprioception - The Sense of Position


Proprioception is the sense of position . . . all the parts of your body . . . their activites from moment to moment . . . their efforts and progress employed toward purpose. It's primarily coordinated in the cerebellum of the brain, but it receives its information from the tensions, pressures and angles of your muscle fibers and joints. Out of this information it creates a reference and awareness of how your life is unfolding. There's a large component of psycho-emotional and subtle impression . . . attitudes about the moments and how they're passing. It receives this subtle perception of correctness--incorrectness from actual body orientation . . . a body language system of interpretations. It's activated by muscle contractions -- movement -- posture -- and even more deeply activated by the physical alignment of all your parts. Science finds that proprioception produces a strong short-term influence over all of your other senses. This is where the change can have advantage, this short-term influence -- when repeated often enough -- becomes a more permanent influence. These are the primary activities and benefits of physical yoga. When you repeat a posture over and over; then repeat this same routine over days, weeks, months, and years -- these subtle forces in your physical body bring about the core level changes in your life. It manages and guides the way you view the world; the way the world views you, and the ease with which you perceive and receive. Some of the easiest ways to connect to your proprioceptive system are through the mudras, movements and asanas of yoga. Stretching into your body-glove on a daily basis allows for a psycho-emotional fulfillment to also take place in your life. Our prayer is that you use this practical system, and the most basic part of your life -- your physical body -- to be mindful of its postures, pressures and functions each day. Be conscious of sitting, standing, walking and moving . . . allow these sensations to coordinate your foundation of health in your body and mind; happiness in your feelings and relations, and a holistic fulfillment in the progress of your life purpose.