Progress Through Tension, Pressure, Stress and Friction


Tension, pressure, stress and friction are the human consciousness impressed by gravity. Without gravity and these four impressions, there is no possibility of life, or any other “matter” in this universe. How you interpret the message from these impressions of gravity will determine how you feel about the world around you. At any given moment, how do you view your possibilities of moving forward? These views will cause all of your decisions. Am I supported in my dreams? Is the world out to get me and destroy my dreams or is it friendly? These questions will cause either a “I will succeed” or “I will have problems” response.

All of these and many other questions with responses will arise on a daily basis and shape the ways you view the essential impressions of gravity. Since these impressions are a natural part of all existence, it is really up to you to make them work.

Mold your opinions and responses to all the tension, pressure, stress and friction existing everywhere around you. Cause your responses to promote and project the greatness of your existence. Work to align all your bodies (physical, emotional and mental) in such a way that your relationships with their impressions of gravity are productive tools creating the world you want to live in.

React to the essential realities of tension, pressure, stress and friction with real, supportive and promoting decisions. In this way you progress.