Press Back


If the present moment isn't occupied the past and the future cave in on it, because the universe doesn't allow for any vacuum. When the past and future cave in on the present moment it's called depression. There is a Yogi Bhajan saying, when you feel depressed -- press back. The art of pressing back is an incredible phenomenon. How many people find it relatively simple to maintain your focus while mediating, with your two palms together in pray pose at your heart center? Let us always keep practicing. When we create balance in our brain through mediation, it can be extremely frightening to know this moment and not be tangled in the past or anticipating for the future. It’s not always comfortable to be in the absolutely trusting state of now. The beauty is of course, that rather than our intellect, it's our intuition that guides us to be there. The way we strengthen our intuition is we trust it no matter what and we welcome mistakes. Intuition is just a way of trusting this moment and so we must embrace it unconditionally. We can press back out of a depressed state by filling the space this moments affords us.