PRAYER - Turn Chaos into a Constructive Calm


You all know what you want, but mostly don't know what to expect until you receive it -- then you often exclaim, "I knew it!" This is because, somewhere inside, you did know what to expect and always did. Such is the nature of expectations, but wouldn't it be better to know what you know, long before the moment? This could guide your life toward your preferences, or out of the way of your challenges. This is the power of prayer, a skillset that can be fully developed by anyone at your level of evolution. Conscious humans have a light (the hue) in their mind (the man)...this is what makes you hue-man. This light in the mind -- though it's everywhere -- concentrates in the nanocrystals around clusters of nerve endings called the nerve ganglia. They accompany every chakra, and also gather around the seven most sensitive body areas known -- in metaphysics -- as the rasa (the essences). These are your two hands, two feet, gut, heart and brain...all connected to each other via the spine.

People have prayed for centuries by pressing their hands together, sitting on their heals, bowing at the gut, with their head below the brain. All of this posturing produces angles; creates pressures, and moves the energy and messages through the body to these nerve centers. This, the process of prayer, is a science of forces -- pressures within postures -- electromagnetics combined with biochemicals...producing mastery out of the mystery. Chaos is a natural disassembling mechanism of nature, and prayer produces tensions and pressures to turn this chaos into a constructive calm order. Use the current chaos to disassemble your mysteries...use your prayerful expectations to reassemble the mastery...connect these expectations to your impending moments and the rest will be a history of the future.

Our prayer is that you pray often. Pray in the ways that you've been taught, and in ways unique to yourself. Pray on areas of your life that seem uncertain, and pray on the ones that are guaranteed. Pray for those you love and those you think you don't. Pray to use the science of this logic to master the art of magic. And above all, pray to expect success.

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