power of intuition in prayer


Our inclinations to fail and succeed exist within an identical 'want,' but different angles of 'expectation.' You know what you want, but often don't know what to expect until you receive it -- then you exclaim,"I knew it!" . . . because somewhere inside you did know. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what to expect before the moment and could guide it into existence, or out of the way? This is the power of intuition in prayer that can be developed by anyone who is human, and of course you are . . . humans all have the innate power to use the light (the hue) in the mind (the man) that makes you the hue-man (the light in the mind) that you are. This light, though it is everywhere, concentrates within the nano-crystals that gather where there are the most nerve endings. These areas are both the nerve ganglia that accompany every chakra, and also the seven areas known in metaphysics as essences -- the hands, feet, spine, heart and brain. This is why people have prayed for centuries by pressing their hands together, sitting on their heals, bowing their forehead to the ground -- all of this posturing to produce the angles creating pressures in the body at the locations of these essences. This, the process of prayer, is a science of forces -- pressure within posture -- electromagnetics propelling thoughts and emotions -- light directed toward expectation to produce mastery where there was once a mystery. Chaos is a natural mechanism of nature and a large part of the teachings of physics. Prayer works to shift and reduce, or exaggerate and focus these tensions and pressures of space-time and use this chaos to disassemble and the expectations to reassemble the fabric . . . this connects your expectations to the impending manifestation and the rest is history . . . and the future. Our prayer is that you pray often -- as often as you think to pray. Pray in the ways that you've been taught and ways you know for yourself. Pray on areas of your life that seem uncertain and pray on the ones that seem certain. Pray for those you love and those you think you don't. Pray to use the science of this magic to affect the science of logic. . . and above all, pray to expect success.


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